Meat presentation much quicker and pleasant than done by hand

This tunnel lacing machine takes the place of tiresome winding with meat strings by hand. Whether it`s meat, fish or poultry, with or without fillings, the Rollmatic guarantees optimal binding results. Even irregular cuts of meat will look attractive.
The tunnel concept guarantees a constant flow of material. Even long collared meat does not need to be turned round in order to bind it completely.
Due to the knotting after each loop a simple portioning of the collared meat is possible without untying the string ensuring the meat does not break into pieces.

Rollmatic automatic

Optimal meat processing fully automatic

This fully automatic tunnel lacing machine is the further development of the Rollmatic. The product goes into the tunnel on controlled conveyor belts.
There the binding is realized by an optical meat recognition system. With the Rollmatic automatic it`s possible to have infinitely variable and even more exactly looping distances. It`s possible to increase the output by the use of the conveyor belts and only one person.

The length of the conveyor belts depends on the customers desire. They are easily retactable and easy to clean.

Meat twine for the Rollmatic tunnel lacing machine