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... nzept stellt einen kontinuierlichen Materialfluß sicher. Auch lange Rollbraten brauchen nicht gewendet zu werden, um sie vollständig zu verschnüren.
Durch die Verknotung nach jeder Verschnürung wird ein einfaches Portionieren der Rollbraten ermöglicht, ohne daß sich der Faden löst.
Rollmatic automatic - Optimale Fleischveredelung vollautomatisch
Die vollautomatische Tunnelverschnürmaschine ist die Weiterentwicklung des Rollmatic. Die Ware gelangt über gesteuerte Förderbänder in den Tunnel. Dort erfolgt die Umschnürung mittels optische Fleischerkennung. Der Rollmatic automatic ermögli ...


... es a constant flow of material. Even long collared meat does not need to be turned round in order to bind it completely.
Due to the knotting after each loop a simple portioning of the collared meat is possible without untying the string ensuring the meat does not break into pieces.
Rollmatic automatic
Optimal meat processing fully automatic
This fully automatic tunnel lacing machine is the further development of the Rollmatic. The product goes into the tunnel on controlled conveyor belts.
There the binding is realized by an optical meat recognition system. With the Rollmatic a ...


... nearly the full range of technical possibilities which normally are found only in large derinders developed for industry.
The derinder Cortex CB 495 is suitable for skinning of soaked or smoked bacon as well as for the cutting of bacon faces and gyros. Pieces of meat up to a height of 90mm are automatically treated by conveyor belt system.
At additional cost the derinder can be equipped with a conveyor belt for removal. the thickness of derinding is infinitely variable.
The new form of the cover shield avoids accumulation of waste which makes cleaning of the derinder very easy and i ...