The original looping machine

Decades of experience coupled with the newest technical standards guarantee the highest quality of the original Hängfix ® looping machine. Offering up to 2400 loops per hour (by request it can be increased up to 3000, Hängfix ® – B10) the Hängfix ® makes hanging all types of meat quick and easy. The Hängfix ® B80 is ideal for large and heavy pieces of meat.

The Hängfix ® - Stockmat

As a result of further development on the Hängfix ® – Stockmat, pieces of meat can be hung directly on the curing stick. This equipment saves even more work and time. The Stockmat can be adjusted to any length of stick and easily retractable.

netzHängfix ® special Cord.

Best results guarantees the Hängfix ® special cord made of Polyven.