The conveyor belt derinder Cortex CB 495

The derinder Cortex CB 495 is the top model between the small derinders and offers small and medium meat processing plants nearly the full range of technical possibilities which normally are found only in large derinders developed for industry.
The derinder Cortex CB 495 is suitable for skinning of soaked or smoked bacon as well as for the cutting of bacon faces and gyros. Pieces of meat up to a height of 90mm are automatically treated by conveyor belt system.
At additional cost the derinder can be equipped with a conveyor belt for removal. the thickness of derinding is infinitely variable.
The new form of the cover shield avoids accumulation of waste which makes cleaning of the derinder very easy and improves the hygiene. For cleaning purposes the belt, the knife-holder and the pressure-roll, can be taken off without any extra tools.

The conveyor belt fish skinner cortex CBF 495 and the poultry skinner cortex CBP 495

The fish skinner cortex CBF 495 is suitable for all skinning operations usually needed in the fish processing plants especially with high throughput. It has been developed in co-operation with the fish processing industries according to their requirements. The easy handling of the fish skinner allows to work with unskilled workmen. The safety precautions are exemplary.
The conveyor belt skinner for poultry Cortex CBP 495 has been developed in co-operation with the poultry processing industry. The main skill was a high quality treatment of the meat and simultaneously an easy handling, allowing the skinner to be operated by unskilled workmen.