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Meat presentation much quicker and pleasant than done by hand
This tunnel lacing machine takes the place of tiresome winding with meat strings by hand. Whether it`s meat, fish or poultry, with or without fillings, the Rollmatic guarantees optimal binding results. Even irregular cuts of meat will look attractive.
The tunnel concept guarantees a constant flow of material ...

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... at processing machines is therefore the ideal partner for success-orientated companies.
Advantage: Accessories
We carry the corresponding assortment of high-quality accessories for every machine:
Twine in various types for the Hängfix looping machine,
meat twine for the Rollmatic tunnel lacing machine,
nets and stockings for the NetMan net bag and case inserting machine.
Our sales staff would be glad to offer you information.
Advantage: Service
If need be, we would be glad to make a replacement unit available to you for the duration of the maintenance or repair work wit ...